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what are wet bags? why do I need them? How many?

Piriuki Wet Bags are the perfect way to store or transport your baby dirty/wet clothes or diapers. These diaper bags allow you to efficiently store your diapers without fuss or undesirable odors, keeping your diapers in a correct temperature which does not happen if you use a plastic bag.

We recommend for you a 4 bags minimum:

- 2 Diaper Pail Liner Bags (to store your dirty diapers at home), so when you are using one the other could be washing/drying

(these bags allow you to store up to 20 diapers and inserts)

- 2 Transport Wet Bags to use when you have a diaper change logistic out of home:

• S Bags: when away from home we can use this to store up to 5 diapers and inserts;

There are Piriuki Waterproof bags of various sizes to better suit your needs:
• L Transport Bags: in this bag fits about 12 diapers and is perfect for day care, grandparents’ house, and for who spend a lot of time away from home or have twins this bag fit about 12 diapers.

Remember waterproof bags can have different uses, like to transport wet clothes, swimsuits, mud shoes, dirty clothes.

did you know our baby wet bags are not great just for diapers? messy bibs, burped clothes, wet swimming suits, dirty shoes are perfect to store until you get home

diaper pail liner Features

handle to easialy hold in any doorknob

59 cm long x 57 cm wide

fits up to 20 diapers

and inserts


zipper in the bottom 

to avoid touching dirty diapers 

elasticated opening makes it easy to adjust in all diaper pails

wash bag and diapers together

baby wet bags Features

handle for easy to transport

fits up to 5 diapers

and inserts


zipper in the top

to keep all mess in

32 cm long x 30 cm wide

Piriuki wet bags are avalable in the following colors:

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