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Our Story

Piriuki® was created with an important mission, to make high quality Diapers, made from the best fabrics at an affordable price for all babies from birth to potty.

Committed to build our business with only the best components in order to reduce our carbon footprint, providing exceptional design and unparalleled performance while saving your money, we created Piriuki® in 2009.

We are specialists in Cloth Diapers and each and every aspect of the design is carefully considerate. We are always innovating and looking for the best fabric solutions such as organic cotton, bamboo, waterproof but breathable polyester and other natural fibers that could keep moisture away from your baby skin, dry quickly and remain soft even when hung to dry. Our moms love our Piriuki® so much we couldn’t stop making more and our ideas keep blossoming.

Economic, Ecologic, Super Comfortable, Durable and Easy to Use, Piriuki Diapers are the only diapers your baby will need. Better for the Baby. Better for the Planet.


Regarding Piriuki Manufacturing:








- All our Piriuki products are all carefully designed by us in Portugal;

- Before producing in bulk everything is tested for resistancy, comfort, absorbency, by our Piriuki Babies and Parents;

- When all the items have passed our quality test, we start the production of our colection in one of our factories located in Portugal or China. In our factory we fully respect human rights and we're always trying to improve our workers working conditions. We have the necessity to have 2 different locations to produce due to demanding increase, so to lower the costs as well as to decrease carbon footprint we have a factory in China to fullfill all our babies in Asia as well as one in Portugal to fulfill the european market;

- We personally follow all the process, and we are specially concerned with our fabric dyes, therefore we only work with dyes that have been tested for harmful substances. We follow the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ensure no harmful dye is added into all our materials. Our manufacturing process is tested by lab tests conducted by SGS. The organic cotton yarn we are using has been certified by GOTS. 

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