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Why should you and your baby use organic cosmetic?

Tucked inside your womb like a walnut in its shell and cushioned by amniotic fluid, your baby seems safe and secure. The outside world is filled with environmental threats, but isn't it the job of the placenta to filter out substances that can harm the fetus? Well, yes but not like you may think. While the placenta does a great job of screening most infectious agents—rubella and HIV are notable exceptions—it's permeable to most pollutants, including pesticides, PCBs, perchlorate, bisphenol A (BPA), lead and mercury. Unfortunately, the placental barrier that protected a Pleistocene pregnancy from menace is no match for today's man-made toxins. That means pregnant women should avoid environmental toxins as conscientiously as they avoid cigarettes. 

Chemicals can affect fetuses more powerfully than adults, for several reasons: first, the fetus is so small that, pound for pound, it receives a higher relative dose of the chemical than would a person who’s fully grown. Second, the fetus’s detoxification and immune systems are still immature, unable to clear drugs and other chemicals from its system as effectively as the body of an adult. And third, the fetus is developing so rapidly that even a small disruption induced by a chemical can have far-reaching effects. This is why we've associate to Bentley Organic an UK baby brand specially formulated and safe for babies, moms and future moms made with organic components that will also help to eliminate nasty bacteria in a safer way.

For the Baby

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For the Mom

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