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Discovering your're going to be a Mom is one of the most lifechanging events you'll ever experience! Having a baby will change you're life in so many ways and the questions won't stop to pop up. We'll become the most important being to our babies so all the extra care can be extremly important for our baby health and well-being.

Thinking about Moms Piriuki designed special products having in mind Moms comfort and health as well as the baby care. Beside Piriukis products we also have to offer a range of Organic and Vegan cosmetics for the Moms and Moms to be designed and manufactured by Bentley Organic.

skin is the biggest organ in the human body. Recent studies proove all cosmetic products used on the skin will pass through umbilical cord. choose wisely. choose organic.

To help Moms (and Dads too) around the Globe we've developed Baby Slings made in cotton to easy carry and soothe your baby, Impermeable Nursing Pads made with soft cotton to allow the nipple to breathe, and Organic Cosmetic made with more than 75% of organic ingredients specially designed to take care of the nipples, your bump or your intimate area.

- piriuki slings - baby wearing will help ypur baby to feel secure,  while helping mom to recover more smoothly from chdlbirth - holdyour baby close to your heart


- 6 Piriuki nursing pads - impermeable, soft and gentle on the nipple



- bentley organic cosmetics - made with +75% Organic ingredients

Piriuki Slings
Piriuki Nursing Pads
Lip Balm
Feminine Wash
Bump Butter
Nipple Balm
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