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Piriuki Diaper Pail Liner Owls
  • Piriuki Diaper Pail Liner Owls

    To store your diapers until the washing without any smell, with a zipper in the bottom to avoid touching any mess!
    • Description

      These bags are super cute and a very convenient way to store your Piriuki soiled diapers before the wash. The elastic opening fits around most diaper pails or trash can, and the zipper in the bottom allow you to wash without touching the messy diapers. With a waterproof layer and a practical hoop to hang on any hook or dorknob this is a must have item you'll love.

    • Washing & Wearing

      When dry just put in your trash can/pail with the bottom zipper closed. If you are using it for cloth diapering, always choose a pail with lid. When your changing your baby just separate the diaper from inserts (remove them from the pocket if you have pocket diapers), and put the inside the bag until washing time. If your baby is still on milk just throw the poop diaper inside the bag (the poop is just milk so it will be easily removed during washing time), if your baby is already eating solids just knock solids on the toilet and then put the diaper in the pail. Do not use fabric softener, just use powder detergent. Never use bleach. Wash to a maximum of 40°C (104°F). Hang to dry.

    • Features

      • Made with durable PUL
      • Easy to wash
      • Fit in any trash can or pail (up to 40 L)
      • Elasticated opening
      • Zipper in the bottom to avoid touching dirty diapers/clothes
      • Big can store up to 20-22 diapers with inserts
      • 58 cm x 55 cm
      • Practical hoop to hang on any doorknob
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