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what are piriuki inserts? 

Do i really need them? When? How many?

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Inserts can’t be separed in types just like diapers (AIO, AI2, Prefold...) however they are needed for any diaper.

These are one of the most important parts of a diaper success because the absorbency depends on them. Can be made by different fabrics such as microfiber (like in Piriuki Original), cotton (like Piriuki Prefolds), Bamboo (in Piriuki Easy), microterry, coolplus (like Piriuki Luxe ergonomic insert) or Charcoal (as in Piriuki Night). An insert is the absorbent layer that is “stuffed” or sewed into your Piriuki diaper.

As your baby grows your absorbency level will increase so you'll need to have larger and more absorbent inserts and boosters. All Piriuki Diapers (except Piriuki Cover) come with 2 inserts so first you need to understand if you really need more inserts. Usually parents with 24/30 diapers won't feel the necessity, but evaluate for yourself:

- Do I have more than 24 diapers?

- Do I live in a sunny place or do I have a drying machine (cause inserts will take sometimes 1 day to dry in cold/humid/winter weather)

- Is my baby a light sleeper or still a newborn that only sleeps for few hours straight?

If your anser is No to all questions you should need extra inserts/boosters. Now you need to figure which type and size you'll need.

If your baby is a heavy wetter or sleeps for several hours maybe you should consider Piriuki Super Triple. Is this insert still too big and bulky for your baby (remember as your baby grow his/her blatter will also grow) and the smallest insert is not enough you should consider to add some booster to your collection such as Piriuki Hemp Inserts. You need a booster but you're a Wrap/Cover lover? You should try our Bamboo& Microfiber or Bamboo and Stay Dry Booster. 

customize absortion according to your baby needs

inserts fabrics main Features:

- Microfiber - very durable, great to retain wetness but bulkier

- bamboo - natural, super absorbent but not good to reatin wetness

- Cotton - natural and absorbent but easier to get soaked

- charcoal - made from burned bamboo its a porous fabric resistant to stains and hypoallergenic

- coolplus- made from mixed fabrics its quick to absorb and hold the wetness, dry quickly

- mix different inserts - if one insert is not enough you can mix different types of fabrics to combine the most convenient features

what about liners?

There’s no need to sacrifice convenience when you choose cloth diapers. There will be no rinsing of poopy cloth diapers in the toilet, simply discard the soiled liner in the waste bin. Piriuki diaper liner holds the solid waste to prevent soiling the diaper. Are 100% biodegradable and safe to the environment. They are non-irritating, soft and comfortable against baby’s sensitive skin so they can feel fluffy as a bunny. 

Piriuki Inserts & Liners are avalable in the following types:

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