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natural, dry & comfy night

main Features:

-Designed from birth to potty training

- fit your baby from 3,7 to 17 kg (8 to 37lbs)


- Pocket Diaper

- 2 super absorbent inserts

- hypoallergenic & rash free

We are proud to present the best night diaper we ever created. Because night-time diapering can be challenging, especially if your baby sleeps several hours or is a heavy wetter, we made Piriuki Night especially for you. Piriuki Night is the perfect solution you need for a dry and comfy night with the awarded and famous Piriuki Original design, a stay dry charcoal fleece inner layer that keeps moisture away from your baby skin even faster than the other Piriuki, a breathable waterproof layer, and 2 super absorbent inserts in charcoal and microfiber. 

This One Size Pocket Diaper is adjustable by rising poppers, with 4 sizes that will fit your baby from birth to potty (that range from 3,6 to 16kgs |8,38 – 35 lbs). The crossover tabs helps to an even more perfect fit and to keep the diaper in the right place over night. The pocket opening is large enough to keep two or three inserts, and each all Piriuki Night diapers comes with two different inserts: 1 Piriuki Night Charcoal Insert: with 6 layers of 100% charcoal, that allows to quickly absorb and hold the night-time wetness at the same time; 1 Piriuki Microfiber Insert: a 4 layer longer insert, 100% microfiber that is adjustable for the medium and large sizes.


one size diaper grows with your baby

Crossover tabs for a perfect fit even in small babies

Leg elastics to avoid leaks

Piriuki NIGHT - closed
Piriuki NIGHT - open

4 sizes with snaps closure

Adjustable Rise snaps

double inner leg gussets will keep all mess in

Pocket diaper

Waterproof PUL barrier prevents leaking at the tummy

hypoallergenic and stay dry fabric

made with bamboo charcoal

Piriuki night - outside
Piriuki night - inside
all piriuki night come with 2 inserts
Night Charcoal Insert:
with 6 layers of 100% charcoal
Microfiber Insert
 a longer insert, adjustable for the medium and large sizes

Piriuki night is avalable in the following colors:

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