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Washable Nursing Pads - Pack 6
  • Washable Nursing Pads - Pack 6

    Leak proof, ergonomic, washable, soft 100% cotton, absorbent, comfortable, recommended for women with sensitive nipple.

    With a cotton transport bag


    • Description

      Enjoy comfort and softness of cotton combined with a waterproof/breathable PUL fabric outer layer. Helps prevent leaks as you nurture your baby. Recommended for women with sensitive nipple. Without stick. Sold in Packs of 6.

    • Wearing & Washing

      Put the soft cotton inside your nursing pad in contact with your nipple, remove everytime you are breastfeeding. When soiled wash it in the washing machine. Do not use softeners. Do not use bleach. Do not wash over 40ºC.

    • Features

      • 11 cm wide
      • designed and made in Portugal
      • soft cotton interior
      • breathable
      • impermeable exterior
      • ergonomic shape with recommended format by World Health Organization
      • comfortable
      • durable
      • washable
      • gentle on the nipple
      • without stick
      • with Oekotext certification
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