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Piriuki Prefolds S - 6 pack
  • Piriuki Prefolds S - 6 pack

    Absorbent and versatile these rectangular diapers are long-lasting, multi-use and affordable. Made from premium unbleached cotton are perfect to use with your Wraps or Covers or as an extra insert to use in your Pocket Diapers.
    • Description

      Prefold Cloth Diapers commonly shortened to prefolds are one step up from flats because they are flat sheets of fabric but have thicker layers of fabric sewn in the middle where your baby will need most absorbency. These diapers can be fastened with a pin or Snappi or simply folded or stuffed inside a diaper cover like Piriuki Cover. These diapers are also great to be used as burp cloths. 

      Our Prefolds are available in 3 different sizes are sold in Packs of 6 and in 3 different sizes (S, M, L). Made of 100% unbleached cotton can be a great option to use as an insert in your Pocket Night Diaper if you have a heavy wetter.

    • Wearing & Washing

      • Before first use, wash diapers once.
      • Fold diaper rise to proper size setting.
      • Fasten diaper to baby!
      • Do not use fabric softener;
      • Just use powder detergent to wash your Piriuki diapers
      • Never use bleach.
      • Wash to a maximum of 40ºC (104ºF).
      • Hang to dry.
    • Features

      Unwashed Diaper measures: 25 x 33 cm

      Cotton Layers 2x6x2

      Fits between 1,8Kg and 4 Kg (4-8 lbs) Size after washing


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