Super Triple Stay Dry Insert

Super Triple Stay Dry Insert

Super Insert that you will love and cant live without! One side Stay Dry Microfleece (1 layer) and One side Microfiber (3 layers) can be perfect for your Wraps and Pocket Diapers. This super absorbent and versatile insert it's a must have!
  • Description

    This Super Triple Stay Dry insert is super fluffy and absorbent! Why we call it Super Triple Stay Dry? There is no mystery into it! We say it's Super because its large (26,5" x 5"), Triple  because of the 3 microfiber layers and Stay Dry because of the 1 microfleece side. This insert can be used with your Pocket or Diaper Wrap, yes you read it right, the same insert can be used in both types of diapers! If you are using a Wrap just put the insert with the microfleece side up and it will keep the wetness away from your baby skin, and if you are using a Pocket Diaper just stuff your nappy with the microfiber side up to absorb and hold the wetness. Easily adjustable in lengh, if trifolded will provide 12 layers of absorbency, so heavy wetters, big sleepers and big travels are welcome! So if is such a great insert, what else we could call it besides Super?!

  • Wearing and Washing

    Just fold in the desirable size and stuff inside your pocket diaper, or if you are using in your Cover/Wrap, just put the stay dry (microfleece) side up.

    Do not use fabric softener, just use powder detergent to wash your Piriuki inserts. Never use bleach. Can be washed or tumble hot.

  • Features

    • Extra Long and easy to stuff (26 cm x 13 cm or 26,5” x 5”)
    • One Microfleece Stay Dry Layer will keep wetness away from your baby skin
    • Three Microfiber layers will absorb and hold the wetness
    • When Trifolded will provide 12 layers of absorbency
    • Can be used with Diaper Wraps (with the microfleece side up)
    • Can be used with Pocket Diapers (with the microfiber side up)
    • Easily adjustable in lengh will fit perfectly to your One Size Diaper
    • Fits in most Pocket Diapers
    • Can be used alone or with a booster
    • Super absorbent is perfect for big travels, heavy wetters and big sleepers