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Piriuki Original Love Flowers

Piriuki Original Love Flowers

This is the perfect and many times awarded diaper for all occasions!
Piriuki Original was the first diaper we've designed. Highly Absorbent and comfortable for your baby for daytime and night-time, very practical for a long trip or a short walk to the grocery store, and easy to wash and care for stay home moms or worker moms
  • Description

    Designed for bigger durability Piriuki Original one size diapers are adjustable in 4 sizes by rise snaps on front and in the waist and will fit your baby from birth to potty, from 3,6 Kg to 17 Kg.
    The comfortable fleece inner layer will keep moisture away from your baby skin and the breathable waterproof outer layer will keep wetness in. 
    The crossover tabs allow a perfect fit even in smaller babies, the leg gussets will avoid all contact with the baby clothes keeping all the mess in and the waterproof PUL barrier prevents leaking at the tummy.
    All Piriuki V3 have a wide pocket opening to make it easy to stuff and remove inserts even for dad big hands. All Piriuki V3 come with 2 super microfiber inserts, one small perfect for newborns or to be used as a doubler and a longer insert that can be adjustable for the medium and large sizes. This will become your favourite diaper in a blink of an eye.

  • Washing and Care

    • Before first use, wash diapers once.
    • Snap diaper rise to proper size setting.
    • Select the proper insert(s) and insert through pocket opening, placing soaker inside the diaper.
    • Fasten diaper to baby!
  • Features

    • One Size Pocket Nappy
    • Breathable waterproof outer
    • Allow a perfect fit for most babies that range from 8lb to 37,5lb (3,6 kg – 17 kg)
    • Are designed for bigger durability
    • Available with poppers or aplix closure in then waist
    • 4 sizes adjustable by rise poppers (S,M,L,XL) will fit your baby from birth to potty
    • Comfortable fleece inner layer that keeps moisture away from your baby skin;
    • An outer layer of waterproof polyester that keeps wetness in.
    • Crossover tabs allow a perfect fit even in small babies
    • Leg gussets to avoid all the contact with the baby clothes keeping all the mess in!
    • Waterproof PUL barrier prevents leaking at the tummy.
    • Wide pocket opening makes it easy to stuff and remove insert.
    • Can be used with disposable or washable inserts;
    • Can be used with disposable and reusable nappy liners;
    • Slot cover protects your baby from wetness;
    • All nappies are adjustable in absorbency;
    • Each diaper come with two microfiber terry inserts:
    • a 3 microfiber layer small insert perfect for newborns or to use as a doubler
    • a 4 layer longer insert that is adjustable for the medium and large sizes
    • Available in a variety of colors inspired by nature;
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