Accessories Kit

Accessories Kit

You already have all the diapers you'll need but you don't have the must have accessories or you jut got pre-loved cloth diapers without accessories? This is the perfect Kit for you, everything you need for less 19,50€! This kit includes all the accessories you'll need when using cloth diapers:
- 2 Piriuki Diaper Pails - to conveniently store 20/22 cloth diapers and inserts with a super practical zipper to avoid contact with dirty diapers
- 2 Piriuki Wet bags - to store your dirty/soaked clothes/diapers out of home and always having 1 in use
- 5 Piriuki Boosters - to easily increase absorption where you need more 
-100 Diaper Liners - to deal with the poop in easier and convenient way
* All product colors are unisex
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